Introducing Our Newest Product - PP Yoni Wash

PP Yoni Wash is a new product from PP, a leading feminine hygiene brand in Ghana. This is an innovative, natural and safe wash for the intimate area. It is water-based and contains no harmful chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

PP Yoni Wash is a new product in the feminine hygiene market. It is a soap cleansing system, made by PP Cosmetics, that balances the PH levels and nourishes the vagina with rose essences.

The product was created to cleanse and balance pH levels of your most delicate area. It's made with natural ingredients like rose essences that work to make you feel fresh and clean.

It will help you feel more confident in your day to day life by making you feel more comfortable in your body.


Our Newest Innovation in Period Care - Introducing PP Yoni Wash

The more we learn about the menstrual cycle, the more we realize that it is a natural process that should be celebrated rather than hidden. Women menstruate approximately 400 times in their lives and experience a wide range of emotions during this time.

We are so excited to introduce PP Yoni Wash, our newest innovation in period care. It's a personal care product that helps you feel fresh and clean during your period with just one use!


PP Yoni Wash Instructions - How to use

Use the product before sexual activity or after a shower or light bathe. Lather hands with cleanser and liberally, massage onto vulva and between labia. Rinse, pat dry, and you're prepared for whatever!

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