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Knuckle Set

Knuckle Set

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This is a special formula for stubborn dark areas e.g knuckles, knee's, toes, elbows, etc it effectively reduces dark areas on your hands/skin. Anti-aging keeps your hand looking younger on each application. 

Dark knuckle is a major problem when it comes to skin care or skin lightening. Many of you have this common problem which is a hard nut to crack and frustrating as hell.

On one hand, you do not want people to think you did this to yourself by bleaching while on the other hand, you are tempted to use bleaching cream to lighten up those joints.

But before you give in to that temptation, there are some things you need to know about dark knuckles.

Knuckles are the areas on our fingers that are exposed to vigorous friction because of what we put them through in this part of the world. Knuckles becomes dark due to hyperpigmentation and dry skin.

Dark Knuckles are not only caused by bleaching, but it can also be hereditary (thanks to mama and papa) or caused by excessive washing, exposing your hands to chemicals like bleach and other, washing agents.

It could be caused by eczema and even psoriasis.

It could also be caused by accumulation of dead skin cells.

Dark knuckles can be unpleasant to the eyes and can make you feel less confident.

The use of lightening cream highlights these problem areas as they usually take time to cure.

But not to worry, you can finally flaunt your pedicure, or your engagement/wedding ring, by taking a picture of your hands and post on Facebook and Instagram with our carefully blended reliable products to help clear dark knuckles.

Get Our Dark Knuckle Set Queens. Works Like Magic!

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